stray – prof propper
foreign concept – bang it
romare – i wanna go back (turn back)
special request – black ops
missy elliot – work it (R4 remix)
trick daddy – naan nigga (kaw remix)
special request – broken dreams
pedestrian – ndizi
machinedrum – gunshotta (fracture astrophonica remix)
fracture – sick wid it (feat dawn day night)
big k.r.i.t. – what you mean (feat ludacris EDIT)
loxy isotone – ancients (skeptical remix)
nitri- against our will (j kenzo remix)
enei – liberation (feat emperor)
nicki minaj – ass EDIT
swisher – pyrokeet
om unit – sleepwalkers
dream continuum – set it
shabba ranks – respect (king yoof & DJ gold remix)
rakoon – jungledub
special request – hackney parrot
new boyz- fm$
tyga – rack city
plies – fucking or what
DJ zap – I can make you
DJ assault – jungle love
pharell – happy



professor propper – Stray is J Fogel aka Timbre and this is from his recent solo release under this moniker on the UK drum n bass label Exit records. I can definitely picture strippers bouncing to this.

bang it – a bit more straight ahead DnB from this Brighton born producer who used to go by Mad Rabbit.

i wanna go back (turn back) – This Romare cat really has his own sound. Faster than most DnB, more like American Footwork in a lot of ways from what I’ve heard. I’ve had this track on my laptop since last year but could never quite figure out what to do with it.

black ops – I put 3 tracks on this mix from the recently released Special Request album SOUL MUSIC. Dude (veteran DJ Paul Woolford) makes an entire album out of about 6 different drum loops, and it’s fucking DOPE.

work it (R4 remix) – a bootleg trap remix from a group of brothers from Jersey collectively known as R4. Came out in late 2012. Chops Missy up nicely and makes for a useful transition into Hip Hop tempos.

naan nigga (kaw remix) – another trap remix, this time from a Los Angeles duo. I always had a soft spot for Trick Daddy back when this shit dropped.

broken dreams – Used the Trick Daddy acapella to double up the tempo on the Trina verse, just to get shit moving again.

ndizi – a consistent boundary pusher in the world of bass music. Pedestrian aka Jack Sibley, has released joints on 2nd Drop, Metalheadz, and Brownswood among others. This track is weird and moody and loops up some African percussion to about 160bpm. Check out his bugged remix of Lauryn Hill.

gunshotta (fracture astrophonica remix) – This Carolina-born Brooklyn-based kid really kinda blew up in 2013. His album VAPOR CITY is definitely worth checking out. A healthy mixture of bassy weirdness with all sorts of shit thrown in.

sick wid it (feat dawn day night) – some real head nodding’ shit. Came out on Exit records in August 2013 I believe. Music sites will list this as Drum n Bass but it might as well just be Hip Hop to me. Blurred lines for real.

what you mean (feat ludacris EDIT) – This track has crazy warbly swimming bass. For the chorus I edited in an instrumental break from Diplo & DJ Fresh’s “Earthquake”, which itself is like a trap re-work of Timbaland’s “Dirt Off Ya Shoulders”. Why the fuck not.

ancients (skeptical remix) – Came out in July on UK label Cylon Recordings. Some more DnB that is pretty indistinguishable from some of the more ghetto trap shit.

against our will (j kenzo remix) – This cat is from Brasil. I gather he is known for neurofunk and/or techfunk, though quite frankly I can’t always tell the difference from DnB. It all just blends in to one subwoofer soup, don’t it. Lovely.

liberation (feat emperor) – Enei is Russian DnB producer Aleksei Egorchenkov. From St Petersburg to be exact. He’s been making DnB and dubstep since about 2007.

ass EDIT – this is just the NIcki verse from Big Sean’s track. Seemed like the right time and place, and she’s just the right woman for a mix full of ass n titties music.

pyrokeet – Swisher are two Melbourne Australia brothers Phillip and Petera Temerau. Not much to this track other than a bunch of trappy sound FX but the mix needed a breather so BOOM there it is.

sleepwalkers – Om Unit is London DJ Jim Coles, who used to be a Hip Hop DJ named 2Tall before he started releasing bass records under the name Phillip D Kick. Some of his cuts are pretty reggaefied but this shit is just some straight up dark DNB.

set it – a catchy loop of Cutty Ranks over a chopped up version of this 2004 DnB track. Dream Continuum is simply Machinedrum & Om Unit making a record together. Good shit.

respect (king yoof & DJ gold remix) – One of my all time favorite Shabba tracks given a respectable remix to bring it in to the bass world nice n easy.

jungledub – More on the jungle side of things. Came out in 2011 and has been collecting dust on a hard drive ever since.
hackney parrot – More Special Request. I can’t get enough of this record. I’m not sure what kind of drugs kids into this shit are listening to but I hope they’re damn good.

fm$ – I’ve always been sucker for these kind of minimal beats. Seemed like the perfect theme song to a wishful strip club mix.
rack city – “I got cheese like a nacho. If you don’t got no ass, bitch wear a poncho”. Pure poetry. Cash Money records still alive after all these years. Who knew?

fucking or what – Simple question.

I can make you – DJ Zap is a Detroit Booty Bass veteran from way back. This is just a short loop I like cuz it sounds like he’s saying “Turtle turtle turtle”. Go figure.

jungle love – Bring the tempo down slightly and change the drum pattern and this would simply be deep house. I figured no mix of this nature should be devoid of DJ Assault.
happy – this song really doesn’t belong on this mix but the tempo was right and it’s been stuck in my head for a week now so WTF why not.

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