This was an insane 4-day no-sleep marathon collaboration between Limore Shur, Daniel Fries, myself, and a gang of freelancers too numerous to recall. Rawkus came to us with an incredibly sucky video and said “Make it cool. You’ve got 4 days”. Mos def hung around to approve and things went pretty smooth. Tom Downs re-edited the original video. It seems to have had some staying power. Most of that is probably just because Mos Def continues to be cool, but I’d like to think this video carved out a spot amongst the best Hip Hop videos of that era.

When I was a young man, Mos Def was just a punk ass kid named Dante running around Brooklyn trying to date my girlfriend’s roommate. His final act of devotion as an eager suitor was some really sucky graffiti on the sidewalk outside of their apartment. The boy had no hand skillz. That I can tell you for a fact. But he did turn out to be one of the great Brooklyn MCs, so I ain’t mad.

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