build an ark – love (miguel atwood ferguson solo piano)
roy ayers – the third eye (138 EDIT)
haraket – taint (djrum remix)
robert glasper feat zynzelay moovmnt – dilla shine
around 7 – kick it
eric b & rakim – mahogany
les baxter & the 101 strings – love beat of the city
oddisee – scenic route to you
a tribe called quest – sucka nigga (138 raekwon EDIT)
dave grusin – the colorado trail (intro)
jay dee – dreamy
bilal – love it (manic dreamy dilla blend)
mark de clive lowe – pino & mashi
ndea davenport feat qtip – bullshittin
eric lau feat rahel – everytime
dead prez – happiness
leroy hutson – cool out
lionel richie – love will find a way (138 EDIT)
the platinum pied pipers feat dwele – open your eyes
common – the light
dj mitsu the beats – music mate
prince – how come you don’t call me anymore



love (miguel atwood ferguson solo piano) – LA based composer responsible for that orchestral Dilla tribute record from a few years back

the third eye (138 EDIT) – the summer in Brooklyn is the sound of Roy Ayers. As soon as it got hot I started humming this song. Extended the intro by a minute or two.

taint (djrum remix) - moody electronica from South London. Came out in April. Goes well with a blunt.

dilla shine – as I mentioned above, this summer I’m like “90s or not, fuck it. That’s my shit”

kick it – see above. this sounds like a Giant Step party in 1994.

mahogany – if you don’t know the lyrics to this song there is something wrong with you.

love beat of the city – came across this on one of those cheesy lounge music compilations that appeared around the year 2000. Somebody should sample it.

scenic route to you – just another nice instrumental track from Oddisee. BUY THIS MAN’S RECORDS!

sucka nigga (138 raekwon EDIT) – kicked it off with the instrumental then put a Raekown acapella from a Big Pun song. Then Qtip gets his due. One of my all time favorite songs.

the colorado trail (intro) – just the blissful keys that start the tune, later sampled by Señor Dilla, as you will see if you just listen for 5 more seconds.

dreamy – just a beat. A great beat. So great that some dude put some Bilal vocals over it.

love it (manic dreamy dilla blend) – and he was so nice he posted it for free on Soundcloud

pino & mashi – mark de clive lowe channeling Bitches Brew or Yes or some shit. Sounds distorted cuz that’s the way he recorded it yo.

bullshittin – totally forgot about this song. people play the remix but I prefer this version. One of the few standouts from her 1998 solo debut on V2 Records (a Virgin Records offshoot).

everytime – if you like the 90s throwback sound this whole LP is pretty damn solid. Came out in April of this year.

happiness – classic mellow track from a group that usually tried to sound as angry as possible.

cool out – some smooth ass shit. Recorded in Chicago at Curtom Studios for his 1975 “Hutson” LP. Sounds a bit like Blaxploitation-era Isaac Hayes to me.

love will find a way (138 EDIT) – maybe the only solo lionel rich song I can play with a straight face. i extended the intro for maximum 80s r&b realness.

open your eyes – dwele covers the Bobby Caldwell song made a bit more famous by the Common song that follows

the light – this shit never gets old.

music mate – just a nice beat and groovy chick doing a pretty good Erykah Badu impression. Came out in 2008.

how come you don’t call me anymore – I wanted to bookend the mix with live piano. BTW, do you realize people think this is an Alicia Keys song??? Not kidding with this shit. Somebody get me a gun.

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