juan lay & jorge montiel – it’s got to be music
gwen guthrie – getting hot
t.s. monk – bon bon vie
sharon redd – can you handle it (francois k mix)
j.r. funk & the love machine – feel good party time (EDIT)
love unlimited vibes – track 1
brass construction – now is tomorrow
george benson – love x love (koko southport edit)
goody goody – it looks like love
first choice – the player (138 EDIT)
chaka khan – fate (todd teje edit)
sergio mendes & the new brasil 77 – the real thing
harvey mason – groovin’ you
francine mcgee – delirium
the jacksons – living together (dimitri edit)
lio – sage comme une image (bottin edit)


it’s got to be music – I think Klas posted this last year. Been meaning to put it on a mix ever since. Some new shit but sounds like some old shit.

getting hot – Gwen meets Sly & Robbie in 1982. What a session that must have been.

bon bon vie – one of those tracks I hardly ever played for some reason. Krivit breaks it out from time to time. Always sounds great.

can you handle it (francois k mix) - Man I’m getting tired of writing these liner notes….

feel good party time (EDIT) – did a quick edit to piece together the parts of this song that I don’t hate

track 1 – A really nice, recent, beefing up of Asha Puthli – Space Talk from 1976.

now is tomorrow – if you don’t like this song you just suck

love x love (koko southport edit) – respectful rework of the original. Just a little extra drums. I can’t complain.

it looks like love – did disco ever get better than this? ever?

the player (138 EDIT) – Been meaning to do something with the acapella of this forever, but in the end all I did was run it over the previous track. Simple, but it worked out nice.

fate (todd teje edit) – Terje can get down with his edits when he feels like it.

the real thing – For some reason I associate this track with Louie Vega. I think he played it at Cielo one night or something. Or the old Shelter. Never gets old.

groovin’ you – LRR posted this in one of his longer proclamations and I realized I had never put it on a mix.

delirium – somebody posted this on DHP and my mind wa blown. Maybe it was Chuck. This shit is DOPE.

living together (dimitri edit) – hard to fuck with Dimitri edits IMO. Like John Morales, the dude gets his hands on master tapes of every god damn thing.

sage comme une image (bottin édit) – I just discovered this tune last year after Bottin did a remake of it.

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