martin iveson – cobra XL
from p60 feat jaidene veda – softly
guillaume coutu dumont – sutra
moodymanc – black paint (larry heard after dark mix)
detroit swindle – figure of speech
3 winans bros & the clark sisters – dance (latin soul version)
luis radio – drums of the tiger (marlon d nervous edit)
stacy kidd feat peven everett – how bad I want ya
alex connors & hardy heller – cause n effect
sheila ford – gotta hold on me (kenny dope remix)
dj spen & todd terry – stone fox chase (manoo’s beats in the bayou mix)
sanxero & mr v – let’s freak (acapella)
tigerskin – response (kollektiv turmstrasse remix)
kollektiv turmstrasse – sorry I am late
opolopo – get on up
so phat! – a love bizarre (solomun remix)
jersey street – brand new day (larry heard’s tribal dub)
mercury – man
mop mop & anthony joseph – let I go (Mr raoul k’s remix)



Cobra XL – Martin Iveson, the man behind the curtain at the UK’s Atjazz record label naturally makes some dope sounds himself. His remixes are always on point. He also did the music for the original Tomb Raider video game. The more you know…

Softly – this Canadian-born crooner released this single back in January. It’s got a nice Blue Six kinda throwback vibe, while the vocals remind me a bit of Tracey Thorn from Everything But The Girl mixed with that chick Aya who sang on Itaal Shur’s Big Muff cover of “My Funny Valentine” that everyone below Houston St was in love with in 1998 (Did I ever tell you I did the cover art for that record? It’s painfully ravey in retrospect). You can check out more of Jaidene’s stuff HERE

Sutra – I love weird meandering moody deep house like this. Guillaume Couto Dumont is another Canadian, but he migrated over to Berlin in 2007 and has been making music there ever since.

Black Paint (Larry Heard after dark mix) – The man who essentially invented deep house, Mr Larry Heard, and one of my all time personal heroes, Mr Gil Scott Heron. I’m digging this. I was kinda mad at this Moodymanc kid for biting Moodyman’s entire name so shamelessly, until I figured out he was from Manchester and it was actually kinda clever (kinda…).

Figure of Speech – This ain’t the first Fela loop house track, and it won’t be the last, but the dynamic Dutch duo of Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets continue to knock out track after track. They have a knack for updating the NY/Detroit sound circa 1990 with just enough freshness to keep me coming back. I feel like these dudes must have really good mix monitors at the crib.

Dance (LLV Latin Soul Version) – It has been quite some time since I’ve dug a NY vocal record from The Winans or even Louie Vega for that matter, but this one is just easy enough to make me feel like it’s Sunday morning at the old Shelter and somebody just bought me a red Stripe and life is simple again.

Drums of the Tiger (Marlon D Nervous edit) – Marlon D really knows how to make a drum track you can mix with any damn thing. Sometimes that’s all you need.

How Bad I Want Ya – Why doesn’t Peven make records like this weekly? This is his fucking lane: Sit at a keyboard and make it sound like you’re just freestyling off the dome. Few others in the house game have the persona of an actual live performer. See him in the flesh and you can’t help but be in awe of his raw energy.

Cause n Effect – This German deep house meets techno groover came out in November of last year. It’s been in steady rotation on my treadmill sessions as I try desperately to fight the whole old guy meets fat guy thing.

Gotta Hold On Me (Kenny Dope Remix) – I haven’t put this many vocals on a mix in years, but Kenny Dope knows how to keep a track moving, and Shelia Ford has those vocal Jazz chops that can bring life to a room with the quickness.

Stone Fox Chase (Manoo’s beats in the bayou mix) – Listen to 5 minutes of a harmonica solo and try to tell me you don’t still love harmonicas. John Popper eat your heart out.

Response (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix) – Berlin’s Tigerskin aka Alex Krüger has been making techno and house records since the early 90s. I came across this remix from Hamburg duo of Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann, aka Kollektiv Turmstrasse, on a boiler room mix of theirs. I listened to this biking the loop in Central Park 2 days ago and I felt like I had just sprayed my face with silver paint and accelerated past the skin-tight-tights-wearing cyclist crew straight to Valhalla. Witness me!

Sorry I am Late – Yes, somebody took the acapella to Black Rob’s “Whoa” and somehow made an abstract house track out of it. Whatever works.

Get On Up – Hungary’s Opolopo was completely off my radar until he dropped that timeless “1960 What?” remix in 2011. Now I check for him on the regular. This is a funky banger from his 2015 LP “Superconductor”

A Love Bizarre (Solomun remix) – More vocals. More simplistic shit that just kinda works. It’s dance music, not rocket science, ya heard?

Brand New Day (Larry Heard’s tribal dub) – More niceness from Mr Heard. This is a recent re-mastering from the 2001 release by Manchester’s Jersey Street on the classic Scottish house label Glasgow Underground.

Man – A slept-on party mover from Munich’s Gomma label that would sound just perfect at quite a few Brooklyn loft parties at about 3:30am. I came across it on Jaques Renault’s 100% Gomma compilation , which makes sense since that dude plays just exactly the kind of Brooklyn parties I would imagine this burning down. You can hear it for FREE HERE

Let I Go (Mr Raoul K’s remix) – a wonderfully long and spacey remix by this Ivory Coast DJ and producer who always brings something unexpected to everything he touches. Drink some nice sipping bourbon and listen to this on headphones and tell me it isn’t amazing.

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