d’angelo – sugah daddy
radio citizen feat bakja – the hop
j rawls feat p black, jean p & driskill – mr cool
captain planet – cicada
vaudou game feat roger damawuzan – wrong road
ed motta – smile
richie phoe – thriller dub
SBTRKT feat ezra koenig – new dorp new york
soulphiction & move d – the limelight
waldemar schwartz – daza de oro
alice smith – love endeavor (maurice fulton remix)
jose gonzalez – this is how we walk on the moon
lord of the aisles – radio lollipop (vakula autumn cicada mix)
marvin gaye – I want you (morales VS samurai 7 mix)
thornato – gaita gaita
sassomma kouyate – niani (jose marquez remix)
monty luke – through the galaxy
gdna – calm


Sugah Daddy – D finally returns to us, in our hour of need. I’m feeling the whole record, though I must say his vocals are so layered that they are essentially just texture. But who cares, it sounds good and I feel like my long lost brother just returned home after 15 years at sea.

The Hop – Radio Citizen are a Berlin based music collective. This was the opening track on their 2010 “Berlin Serengeti” LP. Poet and singer Bajka you might recognize from some early 2000s house remixes like Beanfield’s “Tides” – a 39th St Club Shelter staple.

Mr Cool – Some laid back Hip Hop from Columbus Ohio. Am I the only one who misses rap songs with amateurishly sung choruses? This is from Mr Rawls Summer 2014 LP “The Legacy”, which is worth a listen for that boom bap sound.

Cicada – Came out in October on the Bastard Jazz label. LA-based Captain Planet continues to blur cultural lines and make musical connections that cross borders and mix languages and influences. You can cop the whole album HERE

Wrong Road – Vaudou Game is a Togo act lead by Peter Solo, who has been trying to revive his own interpretation of Afrobeat for the last 15 years. On this track he calls upon Afrofunk legend Roger Damawuzan to bring it home, to great effect if you ask me.

Smile – Greg Turner turned me on to this wonderful album by Brasilian one-man-band Ed Motta, called “AOR”. It’s about as close to Steely Dan as one man could ever come. I’m not sure what the value of doing such a note-for-note throwback is, but being a dyed-in-the-wool SD fan, I love it just the same.

Thriller – This a weird disco dub by the Brighton-based DJ and beat maker that Wah Wah 45s released earlier this year. I threw a bit of the original MJ vocal over it for shits n giggles.

New Dorp New York – the latest SBTRKT record is kinda hit or miss for me, but this song is dope. And I’ll be damned if Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig doesn’t sound exactly like David Essex on this track. Tell me I’m lying!

The Limelight – Some smooth off-key deep house from 2009. This particular Detroit sound has been completely revived as of late by European house producers, which is great, but I just wish they would send Moodymann or Theo Parrish a check every now and then. I heard Move D play at Glasslands last year and he did his thing.

Taza De Oro – I bought this record having no idea it was a dude I already knew, Mans Swanberg, who used to hang out in my beach house a few years back. It’s a funky disco sound that is filtered in some weird way I just can’t put my finger on. No matter. It’s dope. Way to go Mans!

Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton remix) – My former On The Go cohort Cosmo Baker blogged about this 2006 record a couple years back and I’ll just let him tell it HERE

This is How We Walk On The Moon – Jose Gonzalez cover of a rare Arthur Russell (Loose Joints / Dinosaur L, The Gallery, The Loft… dude was down from day one) track from the recently released Red Hot + Arthur Russell, which features some interesting work from the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Hot Chip.

Radio Lollipop (vakula autumn cicada mix) – Edinburgh’s Neil McDonald aka Lord Of The Isles has been quietly making a name for himself over there, getting props and spins from Jedis like Todd Terje and Obi Wan himself, David Mancuso. This remix is just weird and moody and I have no idea what this Japanese cat is on about, but I like it.

I Want You (morales VS samurai 7 mix) – This is a combo edit I did of Bronx hero John Morales’ lovely breakdown edit and the Samurai 7 mix that came out on Gamm about 7 years ago. I love them both and I love Marvin Gaye so there you have it.

Gaita Gaita – Thornato is a founding member of the Brooklyn-based international collective known as Cumba Mela that throws loft parties in Bushwick and focuses on what the kids are calling “nueva cumbia”, “afro-latin bass”, and “baile funk”. Which is to say, dance music from the Latin diaspora filtered through drum machines with lots of dubstep FX and 808s and a LOT of dub reggae influence. If you have some dance floor game with the Latin ladies, I highly recommend checking out their parties.

Niani (jose marquez remix) – songs like these make me want to call Timmy Regisford on the phone and tell him to just run it at 9am on a Sunday with no other shit blended in. Just let this shit play, dog. Came out in August on the Stockholm label Basic Fingers, who are also the same cats behind the amazing Local Talk label. Jose Marquez is from LA and he put his foot in this one, mostly just by staying out of the way of a great vocal.

Through The Galaxy – Some trippy layered Detroit house weirdness from Monty Luke, who relocated from Cali in 2008 to learn from techno masters Derrick May and Carl Craig. Seems like that shit paid off, for real. He now has how own label, Black Catalogue. Dope name too. Think about it.

Calm – I came across this on the BamaLoveSoul compilation On Deck 2 that BBE put out in early 2014, trying to get some Atlanta cats some shine. GDNA seems to be a pseudonym for one Yared Yonas, but I can dig up little info on the cat other than he’s been remixing R&B joints for the last few years.

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