craig huckaby feat kelly hayes – the answer EDIT
motor city drum ensemble – prayer
palace – dreamscape
art of tones – take me higher
frits wentink – mouse
jad & the ladyboy – soul is
detroit swindle – autumnia
claptone – no eyes
master c&j feat liz torres – face it (dub)
jimpster – dangly panther
git feat big brooklyn red – higher (afefe iku remix)
sante – sick drummer
cajmere feat dajae – brighter days (MAW mix)
osunlade feat terri walker – he loves me (yoruba soul dub)
daniel avery – naive response
jack beats – just a beat
bob marley vs dennis ferrer – journey to exodus (adam auburn blend)


the answer – live and loose. I found this on an the recently reissued 2005 Still Music Detroit compilation “IN THE DARK”

prayer – stuttgart’s Danilow Plessow never disappoints. This is from the “Raw Cuts” series, that was compiled in to a compilation in 2010

dreamscape – some straight ahead raw shit that came out in October 2013 from a London cat that usually leans towards a bit more towards the 2-step/grime side of things. Came out on the Unknown To The Unknown label, which started as a Youtube Channel in 2011

take me higher – art of tones is Ludovic Llorca, a DJ and producer living in the South of France and making records since the mid 90s. I can dig it.

mouse – a Dutch DJ and producer from Utrecht. I dated a girl from Utrecht for a year once. They have a beautiful clock tower in the middle of the old part of the city. She once took me to a nearby castle and we had sex in a medieval hedge maze. Good times.

soul is – Two cats from Brisbane Australia who are best known as being members of the band Mitzi, who are sort of The Australian version of Brooklyn’s Escort – a modern disco band. They are down with Gazeebo records, who release great edits on the reg.

autumnia – some 2012 shit from Amsterdam’s Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets. For me they kind of epitomize the new 90s-ish deep house sound coming out of Europe that seems almost wholly rooted in the work of Kerri Chandler

no eyes – big crossover tune in 2013 that I heard all over Burning Man. Samples a late 80s Laid Back song, believe it or not

face it (dub) – this shit just sounds like shelter to me. Still gives me chills to this day. Probably my favorite Trax dub ever, along with Mr Fingers “Can You Feel It”

dangly panther – Jimpster kinda peaked for me in 2009. I wish he still made cuts like this. They just have a great momentum and stripped down vibe that he seems to have strayed from in recent years.

higher (afefe iku remix) – song of the year for me. love love LOVE it. Osunlade can still bring it, no doubt, and Big Brooklyn Red needs new management or some shit. He could be the next Cee-Lo.

sick drummer – some tech house with some loud Brazilian drums. Came out in 2013 on Steve Lawler’s Viva Music label out of London. I just dropped the middle part of the song for the drummer breakdown.

brighter days (louie vega mix) – sometimes I just want to hear some old jams, nahmean? why this version isn’t on the double pack vinyl I’ll never understand. Beats em all IMO.

he loves me (yoruba soul dub) – some more osunlade for your ass. for a mother fucker that used to be down with gerardo, he seriously redeemed himself in the last decade

naive response – former Fabric resident Daniel Avery channels Detroit in just the right way. Dark and 118bpm is just the way I like my techno. His whole “DRONE LOGIC” LP is dope. Came out this year on UK label Phantasy Sound

just a beat – Jack Beats is former DMC champion DJ Plus One from the Scratch Peverts and Beni G from The Mixologists. Like a lot of former scratch DJs, they now make electro house records. And why not. That’s where the money is. This is some electro I can get with. Simple and fun and samples Eric B.

journey to exodus (adam auburn blend) – Klas posted a track ID for this in September. I usually shudder at Bob Marley remixes of any kind but Adam Auburn kinda hooked this up. Respek.

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