psychemagik – triumph of the gods
the decoders – i am the black gold of the sun
bixiga 70 – luz vermelha
the talking heads – slippery people
gerardo frisina – soul 70
the soul jazz orchestra – sommet en sommet
michael jackson VS joe gibbs – billie jean (nuff wish remix)
lloyd miller & the heliocentrics – electricone
saravah soul – supersossego
4hero – naima
totin – rumba cultura
machito & his orchestra – hold on (I’m comin’)
aiff – let it roll
ocho – coco may may
sono rhizmo – voodoo
the doors – break on through to the other side (dj disse bosarocker remix)
jun miyake – all names
ruth copeland & parliament – gimme shelter




triumph of the gods – couple of dudes from the UK who’ve been making noise on the edit blog scene for a bit. I think they played LPR in NYC just a few weeks ago. This is some soundtrack stuff and a nice way to start a mix.

i am the black gold of the sun – an LA trio known for putting together live ensembles and recording all kinds of funk/jazz covers. This is very true to Rotary Connection with some lush production value thrown in. I ain’t mad.

luz vermelha – a Brasilian afrobeat outfit from Sao Paulo. Fela simply lives on and on. Came out in 2011.

slippery people – This song got stuck in my head about a month ago so I figured it had to go in a mix. The gospel background vocals on this always reminded me of “Stand On The Word”, thought this came out 2 years prior. Hmmm.

soul 70 – a groovy record that is either 53 or 106 bpm, depending on what your ass & feet do. Gerardo Frisina is an Italian DJ and co-founder of the Ishtar/Schema label, which put this out in 2013. They’ve been carrying a torch for Italo and Afro-Cuban Jazz since the late 90s.

sommet en sommet – an LP cut from their 2014 release “Inner Fire”, which is full of dope analog jazz and funk. Peep their cover of Gary Bartz/Andy Bey’s classic “Celestial Blues”, which is a song very near and dear to me.

billie jean (nuff wish remix) – MJ meets the one Joe Gibbs song made popular by Mr Mancuso. This another mashup from the Bangers n Mash series, which has been generating dancefloor-ready beats shit for years.

electricone – Lloyd Miller is like the Forest Gump of white Jazz cats. He plays over 100 instruments. He has been studying and recording different strains of Jazz since the 1950s. He’s played all over the world and even had a music show in Tehran in the 70s under the pseudonym Kurosh Ali khan. This is a recording of him teamed up with the UK outfit Heliocentrics. Kinda sounds like Alice Coltrane missed her connection and got laid over in Beirut for a few months.

supersossego – Another London outfit flying the flag for Brasilian funk and the Godfather himself, mr James Brown. I copped this on Rich Medina & Bobbito’s 2009 compilation “The Connection” on the Berlin-based R2 label. Well worth picking up a copy.

naima – just discovered this funky interpretation of Mr Coltrane. Sublime.

rumba cultura – Luis “Totin” Agosto is a Rio Piedras,PR-based radio DJ and record collector who has been singing on rumba records since the 80s. Has done some house & broken beat stuff too. Wepa.

hold on (I’m comin’) – From his 1968 “Machito Goes Memphis”, which includes this funky cover of “Green Onions”, among other gems.

let it roll – The Afro Influenced Funk Federation from Amsterdam. Another group of lanky white dudes with a lot of Fela on their iPods. If not them then who, nah mean?

coco may may – the real raw and uncut Latino sound from 1972 New York. Nothing quite like it. Ocho was lead by Chico Mendoza, a New Jersey native pianist and vibraphonist who played with just about everybody you can think of.

voodoo – Vienna’s Resense Records specializes in retro Latin sounds. Much of their stuff is modernized but this is just on some straight up Go Go club type joint.

break on through to the other side (dj disse bosarocker remix) – a clever bossanova remix of the Mr Morrison & crew. I am embarrassed to admit that I visited his Pere Lachaise gravesite when I was 18. Ah, weed.

all names – I came across this blazing joint in that Pina Bausch documentary from a couple years back. Jun Miyake is a Tokyo-based Trumpeter and composer know for his solo records and collabos with all kinds of artistic mofos.

gimme shelter – I just came across this 1971 record last week. Parliament is your backing band? and you’re covering The Rolling Stones? Count me in. Eddie Hazel lets loose towards the end. Outta sight.

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