max romeo VS the fugees – ready or not
bob andy – unchained
dillinger – ragnampiza
sammy dread & papa tullo – morning love
horace andy – mr bassie
egoless – rainbow dub (feat irie FM)
lloyd parks – slaving
sylford walker – chant down babylon
big youth – hot cross buns
delroy wilson – conquer dub
delroy wilson – trying to conquer
prince jazzbo & dennis alcapone – lorna banana
sizzla – just one of those days
lendubikilation – deep loving dub
skinshape – grandma’s hands
barrington levy – if you give to me
ranking joe – can’t hold mi yard
bob marley – nice time
jackie mittoo – put it on
slim smith – ain’t too proud to beg
hopeton lewis – run down
finley quay – milk and honey
shelly thunder – kuff (138 dropout EDIT)
admiral bailey – jump up
tiger – bam bam
the power steppers – light the pipe (bass re-enforcement mix)
king tubby VS wu-tang – money rules everything around me



ready or not – flawless blend by the Dreadsquad that came out around 2008 or so. Loops up Max Romeo’s classic “Chase The Devil”.

unchained – from his 1970 album “Bob Andy’s Soundbook”. There was a 7″ version from 1966 that was a bit more lo-fi but had some awesome reverb on the vocals.

ragnampiza – somewhat slept on Dillinger tune on the unchained riddim from 1976 for Channel One Studios

morning love – nice slow groove from 1980 on the Mr Bassie riddim, produced by Linval Thompson

mr bassie – original riddim of the tune above. Classic sound. Classic voice. 1972 on Studio One for Coxsone Dodd

rainbow dub (feat irie FM) – serbian dub reggae from Belgrade. I shit you not. Came out in 2012.

slaving – as you can see, whenever possible, I like to dig up the sources of all the great riddims. If for no other reason than to educate myself. This came on in 1972 on treasure Isle.

chant down babylon – a lesser known JA singer who worked with Joe Gibbs and Glen Brown. Greensleeves put out his unreleased “Lamb’s Bread” album in 1988.

hot cross buns – This type of old school, early 70s chatting was the first reggae I was ever exposed to, so I often retreat back there when I just want to sink in deep.

conquer dub – Over his long career, Delroy recorded several versions of his 1960s Ska hit.

trying to conquer – For some reason this rootsy version got rereleased last year, which is how I found it.

lorna banana – Bunny Lee produced this 1971 tune on the conquer riddim. Not a lot of words really rhyme with banana.

just one of those days – a track from the early 2000s that has become a bonafied classic and really stood the test of time when many other songs came and went.

deep loving dub – more electronica-type shit on the dub side. Came out in January of this year.

grandma’s hands – Skinshape is a South London band. Simon Cowell protoge Aaron Paul on vocals. Sounds legit to me.

if you give to me – I saw Barrington live last year at Highline Ballroom and he was fucking GREAT. This tune is mad early, 1979, before he found his waddly diddly diddly.

can’t hold mi yard – an LP cut from his classic 1980 disc “Shaolin Temple”

nice time – just listen to that acapella for a second. Pure magic.

put it on – since I’m playing Marley I might as well play Mr Mitoo. This is his 1968 version of Bob’s 1966 version.

ain’t too proud to beg – I do love these old reggae covers of soul songs. what a time that must have been to be in Jamaica.

run down – more rocksteady. such a nice sound on this track. Hopetone, incidentally, is credited with writing the first weed anthem, Cool Collie.

milk and honey – ever wondered what happened to this dude? yeah, me too. This came out on this weird mixtpape-ish LP called “Tape Loops” in 2010. Weird record, but had a few tunes. This is one of em.

kuff (138 dropout EDIT) – this is a Brooklyn classic if there ever was one. She’ll probably be doing this in clubs till she’s 60, like Rob Base and “It Takes Two”.

jump up – one of the first Dancehall records I ever bought. Came out on jammy’s in 1987. The whole damn “Born Champion” album is great, which was kinda rare in those days.

bam bam – another song that sounds like college to me. Drank a lot of cheap beer listening to this track.

light the pipe (bass re-enforcement mix) – some London cats on some post-dubstep retro dub or something. Anything with this much delay sounds good to me.

money rules everything around me – this song will be getting remixes until were all long cold and in the ground. And with good reason.

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