atfunk – tranquilito
yse saint laur’ant – freeze frame
gameboyz – baile magico
nacho marco feat said & fabiani – let’s go silly
claap! feat santana – dimanche (mike simonetti remix)
peter oakden – there goes another
the black madonna – we still believe (revenge remix)
the finger prince – your face (rework remix)
daniel avery – all i need (roman flugel remix)
mr scruff – we are coming (max graef remix)
d’angelo – africa (dj reverend p remix)
phil asher feat james messiah – move yaself
masters at work – moonshine
steve parker – konduktor


Tranquilito – A slow n steady chugger from his 2013 Soundprism LP. Atfunk is Ibiza native Santi Tur, whose been releasing what he calls “electronic funk” – i.e. making club music with live instruments – since about 2004. I wanted this mix to start out slow, like the first song of the night in the booth, so 95bpm seemed like a good place to lift off. Some people call anything this tempo “boogie” but I’ve always hated that term. It’s all house to me.

Freeze Frame – YSE Saint Lau’rant is English DJ Ant Plate, better known as one half of Rhythm Plate – a house production duo from the tiny town of Matlock in the UK who’ve been making records since the late 90s. I think he currently lives in Hong Kong and occasionally puts out disco records under this name. This is just some mid tempo vocoder disco with some solid SFX thrown in.

Baile Magico – Some very effect-heavy 80s stompy weirdness from Badajoz, Spain. These three clearly need to do even more drugs (Luis Vallespín, Manuel Maidero, and Carlos Franco). They also own a label called Melomana.

Let’s Go Silly – More groovy shit from Spain, this time via Nacho Marco who is a big fish in Valencia. He also owns the label Loudeast Records. Here he hands remix duties over to Helsinki DJ Roberto Rodriguez, who I’ve been pouting on more and more mixes as of late cuz homeboy always gets it in.

Dimanche (Mike Simonetti remix) – Amazing how French film has basically entrenched into our DNA that a woman speaking or singing French must invariably be hot. This came out earlier this year and I’ve been grooving on it since the summer.

There Goes Another – the first of two tacks on this mix from The Depth Series – the first compilation from the label Edinbergh DJ Peter Oakden started with Craig Smith aka The Revenge who I’ve been in awe of for the last five years. Peep it HERE. This track has Mr Fingers written all over it.

We Still Believe (Revenge remix) – Speaking of Craig Smith, peep this shit. Dude always delivers. He understands the minimalist power of 80s electro better than just about anybody else desperately trying to replicate it right now.

Your Face (rework remix) – This riff was stuck in my head for a month. It’s aggressive and reverby and gets my head nodding with the quickness. I can only assume The Finger Prince got their name from The 1976 Residents album of the same name.

All I Need (Roman Flugel remix) – This was Daniel Avery’s breakout year. His Drone Logic LP was pretty much universally praised, and with good reason. He reminded everybody that Techno can be slow and complex and not just some spooky loop at 135bpm for 8 minutes. Thank god. And Frankfurt O.G. Roman Flugel knows how to put his foot in a track.

We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix) – I’ll listen to anything Mr Scruff touches, cuz I can usually get something out of it. Berlin’s Max Graef puts out interesting shit that never sounds quite like anybody else. Peep his full length LP Rivers of the Red Planet HERE

Africa (DJ Reverend P remix) – this came out under a different name, but I hate when producers jack and entire song and try to pass it off as their own. I also usually hate speeding up slow songs to be house jams, but this kinda works for some reason. Probably because D’anglo’s vocals are so drifty and off-beat to begin with.

Move Yaself – Another track from the compilation I mentioned above. Phil Asher rarely fails to deliver some solid deep house.

Moonshine – of all the countless MAW tracks, this one, for some reason, often sticks in my head the most. It just captures this particular moment in NY house history (circa 1995) when they were leading the charge and everyone else was taking notes.

Konduktor – this is from a 3-song EP that Portuguese DJ Steve Parker put out on Josh Wink’s Ovum label in early 2014. If you like stripped-down techno like this, do check out the entire EP HERE

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