dj julian intro (mack wild Primo beat)
jean grae – 76
big L – yes you may (remix)
casual – he still think he #rapgod EDIT
danny brown feat freddie gibbs – the return
black milk – piano moog
jeru the damaga – tha bullshit
yancey boys feat T3 & c-minus – jeep volume
o.c. – word… life
dj day – land of 1000 chances
busta rhymes feat q-tip – thank you
snoop feat pharrell – let’s get blown
showbiz & ag – soul clap
the beatnuts feat al tariq- it’s da nuts
wu tang clan – shame on a nigga
kool & the gang – soul vibrations
a tribe called quest – scenario (remix EDIT)
prince – if I was your girlfriend (dj vadim remix)
drake – hold on we’re going home
karizma – the tinkler
earl sweatshirt – centurion
big L & fat joe – da enemy
nas – affirmative action EDIT
marly marl feat g rap & big daddy kane – symphony EDIT
people under the stairs – the hang loose
scienze – lights
the fly guys – fly guy rap
amel larrieux – berries & cream



dj julian intro (Mack Wild Primo beat) – Primo made this beat for Mack Wild aka Michael from the 4th season of the Wire. He’s aiight, but the beat is some classic Primo, so in it went.

76 – I met Jean Grae through Company Flow’s Mr Len about 12 years ago. She was just starting to pop on the underground scene in NYC at the time and she’s been steadily grinding ever since. She kinda sounds like Bahamadia too.

yes you may (remix) – This is a track with Lord Finesse but I just used the Big L verse cuz it’s dope for dayz. 1992 was a good year for NY Hip Hop.

he still think he #rapgod – So, Eminem put a song called “Rap God” on his recent LP. Casual used that title way back, and I guess he figured it was his way in to a ids battle. He [i]MURDERS[/i] this shit and I even edited out half of his rhyme cuz it’s like 7 minutes long.

the return – Big Danny Brown fan. This is from his “Old” LP that came out in October of this year. The whole album is decent if you ask me.

piano moog – Detroit beat-maker Black Milk put out a short instrumental record called SYNTH OR SOUL this past Spring. Worth a listen if you like the occasional weird beat record.

tha bullshit – My GF has an odd soft spot for Jeru, and I was always a fan, so I dusted this one off. Classic shit. Short n sweet.

jeep volume – my favorite track from the recently released SUNSET BLVD LP, which is Detroit rappers Illa J & Frank Nitt rhyming over lost J Dilla beats. Dilla was Illa J’s older brother. Amazing how he can put some funk into “Let The Sunshine In”.

word… life – Title track to his classic 1994 debut LP. Still sounds great to my ears. Threw a Pee Wee Herman sample in the intro bars just for shits n giggles.

land of 1000 chances – DJ Day is LA producer and DJ Damien Beebe. This is the title track from his Feb 2013 LP release. He’s been putting out shit since the late 90s. Working with cats like Stones Throw, Alice Russell, and Aloe Blac. I can dig it.

thank you – They did absolutely nothing with this sample but that’s probably for the best. Works on any crowd in NYC. I ain’t mad.

let’s get blown – Hadn’t heard this in awhile and it’s still better than the last 20 Snoop tracks I’ve heard, so in it went.

soul clap – AG was a pretty mediocre MC I’ll admit, but it worked nonetheless. Every DJ I knew at the time was playing multiple cuts off their debut EP, especially “Party Groove”. 1992 again. Good shit.

it’s da nuts – Love me some Beatnuts. This cut jacked Andy Loore’s “Mixed Drums” from 1970. Catchy beat. Silly lyrics. I was old the day I got the LP.

shame on a nigga – Just needed to hear this song again. Not a bad cut on that LP. You know I speak the truth.

soul vibrations – Wanted to put the Quest remix on here, but didn’t want to play that 2 min intro with Busta Rhymes rambling on and on, so “Soul Vibrations” was the obvious lead in.

scenario (remix EDIT) – This is the Source Magzine article on Hood’s death just 2 days after this, his first rhyme was recorded. Sad story.

if I was your girlfriend (dj vadim remix) – DJ Vadim is still at it. A very tasteful remix of Prince that really just beefs up the drums and the synths. Probably my all time favorite Prince track now that i come to think of it. Reminds me of skipping school in 12th grade and smoking weed in parked cars.

hold on we’re going home – Drake sure is easy to hate, but I find this song impossible not to love. So catchy and the kind of simple R&B that comes along all too rarely these days.

the tinkler – Karizma’s 37-track-long 2013 WALL OF SOUND LP is a total throwback to those beat records we all bought back in the day. Just beat after beat. Different moods and tempos. DJ Tools before thgere was such a term. This LP is like that, but there’s some really dope shit on there too, baleedat.

centurion – This is the kid who’s Mom banished him to the Samoan islands when his first record came out LOL. He’s down with the Odd Future crew and I can dig his flow and this beat.

da enemy – More Big L. Why not.

affirmative action EDIT – Just the Nas verse from The Firm track on the “Hard To Handle” break. I just like hearing Nas’ voice every now and then, ya heard?

the symphony EDIT – edited out some verses cuz I really just wanted to hear Kane and G Rap – and on the real, this loop gets a bit boring after 6 minutes.

the hang loose – Another track from their flawless 2002 LP “OST”. If you never bought it, do it NOW. The whole shit is solid.

lights – Scienze is Jamal Monsanto, and up and coming MC from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. This was the lead single of his “Ella” LP, released this past year. Nice track.

fly guy rap – Mike Barnes can surely school me on the whole story behind the fly guy rap, so I just hope he sees this!

berries & cream – Amel is back and channeling aaliyah like a mofo. Beat is fresh too. No lie.

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