How do you get the attention of millions of music-obsessed weirdos? More importantly, how do you convince an army of nerdy know-it-alls that a magical hub of all things music has been built just for them? Such was the task that the Fuse Network gave L&C. Drive eyeballs to the newly revamped Fuse.com: an endlessly-scrolling source of up to the minute music news fresh from the front lines of the underground. We just needed an angle. Some musical hex sign that only like-minded nerds would get.

Oh right, The Juggalos! The Faygo-spraying, face-painting, beer-belly-flashing midwestern misfits devoted to The Insane Clown Posse and the armada of horror-core disciples they spawned. They are truly an American treasure, and if you can’t understand loving a band so much that you would paint your face for them, then you’ll simply never get it. (*sidenote: best casting day EVAR)

Paul Ciazzo, Andrew Curtis, and myself wrote the script. I co-directed the spot with Daniel Fries (pictured below with me and the Juggalo).


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