Seba Kaapstad – Playground
Social Lovers – Drop Me a Line
Brame & Hano – Hotshot
Little Dragon – Best Friends (Christian Rich rework)
Ken Hayakawa – Sonic Wave (Whitesquare remix)
Model Man – Without You
Jon Dixon – Want It (Jon’s 7 Mile remix)
Lone – Blue Moon Tree
Klevakeys – The Power of Drum
JT Donaldson – Stay Inside (remix)
Amp Fiddler – I’m Down’ Fine (Moodyman remix)
Caiiro – Drummotions
Trinidadian Deep – Zone 5
Amflow feat Koffee – Raw Uncut (LLV remix)
America Vera – Praise God
Yotto, SØNIN, Laudic – Hear Me Out (Anja Schneider ext. mix)
Kenneth Scott – Straylight (Kai Alce remix)
Donae’O – I
Aroop Roy VS LT Brown – Come Into My Room (blend)
Aquarian Dream – You’re a Star
Venus Dodson – Shining
Gary’s Gang – Keep On Dancing
Baby’O – In The Forest
Sparrow & Barbossa – Yeke
RDNT & Kleophazz – Check One Two
Move D – Ermitage



Um, do you like house music? Like all kinds of house music? You might like this. Mostly new shit. Mostly smooth shit. A few vocals. A few throwbacks thrown in. A few disco classics, because that’s how we do. Real mix notes forthcoming, I swearz…

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