vangelis & sun ra – blade runner blues (intro)
ernst reijseger – rockshelter
bonnie beecher – come wander with me
archie sheep – here comes the family
miles davis – shhh peaceful
christopher el’ truento – sunflower
jose gonzalez – teardrop
ry frank wiedemann – howling
djrum – honey
holly cole – temptation
mop mop feat anthony joseph – let I go
canned heat – get off my back
cornelius – free fall
devo – uncontrollable urge







Bonnie Beecher’s “Come Wander With Me” was a song written for a Twilight Zone episode. It was considered the rarest of commodities that record collectors used to trade on cassette tapes and VHS until it was finally released on a compilation of obscure TV music. You can peep a clip from the episode HERE. She later went on to wed Wavy Gravy, Yippie icon and MC from Woodtsock.


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