design a wave – III
osunlade & han litz – what pho
move d – jus house
moodymanc – gretsch (D’s 2015 retouch)
rhythm & sound – poor people must work (c craig rmx)
brett johnson – you can count on me
sandman – into your story (kai alce distinctive remix)
eddie matos – hypnotized (brett dancer remix)
dj sly – for the kraftwerk (rework)
nikola gala – kasper
pleasure – let’s dance (reflex edit)
billie ocean – one of those nights
jackie beavers – mr bump man (edit)
the dells – all about the paper
nightlife unlimited – peaches & prunes (ron hardy edit)
harold melvin & the blue notes – bad luck (dimitri edit)
grupo santa cecilia – africa bump (tom noble edit)
james brown – body heat
michael jackson – rock with you (reflex remix)



1 of 2 mixes I made for desert driving this summer. I ended up passing on this year’s burn, but I couldn’t let my comrades drive those desert highways without something to keep their eyes on the sparrow and the pedal to the metal. For the other side of this coin, peep the ROAD ROCK TO BLACK ROCK mix.

III – Design A Wave is London producer Tom Hirst. He got his alias from one of the gangs in “Surf Nazis Must Die”. Peep more of his shit HERE while Soundcloud still exists LOL

What Pho – This new Osunlade jam just came out in June on his own Yoruba Records. Hans Litz on flute. Actual birds on chirps.

Jus House – More understated niceness from Heidelberg’s Move D, aka David Moufang. Sometimes this is all you need.

Gretsch (D’s 2015 retouch) – I needed to pick things up a bit. This was made for road trips, after all. This came out this summer on Kolour Recordings. Peep their Spotify playlist for new shit

Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix) – Some easy minimalism from the Detroit Don. Came out about 2006 or so on Basic Channel I think. B-Side was nice too.

You Can Count On Me – Brett Johnson came up in the 90s Turntablism scene in Dallas, then quickly turned his attention to deep house. He’s put out over 100 tracks since forming his own label Aesoteric Records in Austin in 1998.

Into Your Story (kai alce distinctive remix) – I heard this last week at a Theo Parrish gig in Bushwick. I was like DAMN WFT IS THIS? I ran over to Richie Rich, who was holding up the wall studying shit as usual, and he ID’d it for me. The push n pull vocal phrasing is what did it for me. Kai Alce played Bang the Party with me once and he was a cool dude.

Hypnotized (brett dancer remix) – Just some cool bumping shit to keep you changing lanes with the quickness. I threw on the Mr V acapella cuz why not.

For the Kraftwerk (rework) – This came out in March on Yousel Records. This is about as mainstream house as I can go before my people start looking at me funny. But I love this kind of ping pongy thing and they gave props to Kraftwerk from whence it came so I ain’t mad.

Kasper – This was supposed to be just a house mix, but then I got an hour into it and was like: “we need to change this shit up”, so I cut this short and got right into classics. Follow your instincts, DJs.

Let’s Dance (reflex edit) – Frenchman by way of London Nicholas Laugier is, to me, basically the second coming of Dimitri From Paris. Not that Dimitri is not still in the game. He is. He’s the king in my book. It’s just that this dude is THAT good. If you don’t believe it, peep the MJ song at the end of this mix. He’s Dimitri-good. And very few people are. Rahaan. Krivit. Theo. JMJ. Jaime326. LRR. A few more cats, for sure, but it’s a short list IMO. Mad respect.

Nights – The timing of this track always fucks with my head in the best way. And all they do is just drop out the one. Eli Escobar played it on the Tiki Disco Boat Cruz this summer, right as the weed kicked in, right as we went under the Williamsburg Bridge, right as it was a perfect Manhattah skyline at dusk, right as the volume got louder, right as we all went nuts - life in NY was good again.

Mr Bump Man (Rahaan edit) – This is Rahaan’s edit of the 1974 funk jam that I cut down. I mean shit, the damn track is only 4 minutes long and his edit is like 12, LOL. And I also wanted to slow it back down to its original tempo, so I rebuilt it from scratch. David Mancuso really instilled upon me a desire to respect the original tempo, key, etc – so whenever I can, I try to keeps it real.

All About The Paper – The Dells on fleek, at what was arguably the last throes of disco (1980) singing “GET YOU SOME!”. Any band that still dresses identically and has those little 1950s kicks and walks as dance moves is still cool with me.

Peaches & Prunes (Ron Hardy edit) – Then we have the godfather of disco edits, Mr Ron Hardy. Nightlife Unlimited were one of the rare disco acts from Canada. This has a slight No Wave thing going on, and the edit is a bit sloppy, which helps.

Bad Luck (Dimitri edit) – This is one of Dimitri’s more straightforward edits, before he got his hand on all those stems (see his Eddie Kendrick’s “A Friend of Mine”, for example). “Bad Luck” is one of those “dirty 30” Chi classics that East Coast heads lamented so much that you now rarely hear it in a party, which is a shame. Those drums are just SMOKIN’.

Africa Bump (tom noble edit) – the internet seems devoid of reliable information on this Mexican group. But LA’s disco crate digger Tom Noble seems to be the source. It’s raw and it’s mean and lo-fi and I love it.

Body Heat – I played this record some much in college that I basically couldn’t hear it for 25 years. Theo Parrish played some grimey-ass edit of it last week and I was like OH SHIT THAT’S MY JAM. His edit is so distorted its pretty much unplayable but mine is crispy as fuck, albeit not very interesting. But it’s JB. So just let it play and enjoy, right David?

Rock With You (reflex remix) – This is what i mean. This is next level shit to me. When I hear instrumentation I never even noticed before I’m like OOH DAMN!. Why this track listing became an essay about disco edits I do not know LOL. I’ll put away the soap box. Until next we meet!

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