the invisible session – west island
duke hugh – west island
carl hancock rux – lamentations (you, son)
timmy regisford – smooth track
kelly g – be still!
prince – talkin’ loud sayin’ nothin’ (live)
inkswel & oliver night – trippin’ (ezel remix)
mr fingers – electronic debris
pezzner – i am you (dj t remix)
denise dimé & stefano freddi – banja bajii – (monolite remix)
kerri chandler – rising the sun
boobjazz – midnight ceremony suite
frits wentink – double man
venus dodson – shining
the o’jays – i love music (45 edit)
south shore commission – free man
francine mcgee – delirium
me & the gang – cozy
diogo strausz – emancipação
moblack feat emmanuel jal – chagu (henrik schwarz mix)
david walters – manyè
afriquoi & voilaaa – ndeko solo (voilaaa remix)
blaze – my beat (s.u.m.o. remix)
local options – kendricks
guy j – agent blue
romanthony – let me show you love (audiofly remix)
blaze – gloria muse
interceptor – together
the jacksons – show you the way to go
instant funk – philly jump
skipworth & turner – thinking about your love
prince – mountains
ashford & simpson – stay free (dimitri edit)
melba moore – standing right here
t-ski valley – catch the beat
jimmy spicer – dollar bill y’all
big daddy kane – ain’t no half steppin’
eric b & rakim – i ain’t no joke
jungle brothers – i got it like that
special ed – come on let’s move it
public enemy – night of the living baseheads
dmx – get at me dog
cam’ron & dmx – pull it
tribe called quest – can i kick it?
black star – respiration
erykah badu – bump it
mary j blige – love no limit
maxwell – sumthin’ sumthin’
midnight star – curious
kleeer – intimate connection
empire projecting penny – freakman
jimpster & greg paulus – soul spectral



I guess I will write mix notes for these 107 (!) songs some day when I have 2 weeks to kill. Until then, please imagine something both informative and clever in its place.

I will add one bit of semi-relevant trivia: I grew up on the same street in Cincinnati as the band Midnight Star (“Curious” – see above), and my friend and I used to hide in the bushes behind their house and listen to them practice. They were kind of like Cincinnati’s version of Zapp, who resided just an hour away in Dayton – the epicenter of Midwestern Funk that claimed Slave, Aurra, Lakeside, Faze-O, The Ohio Players, etc . Cincinnati had its own Funk legacy, mind you, with James Brown, Bootsy & The JB’s all calling it home for a good chunk of time, as well as The Isley Brothers, 24 carat Black, etc. But I digress. Midnight Star had the matching sparkly outfits. vocoders. and a big ass tour bus that would take up half the block. I thought they were cool as shit, and I assumed they had no idea I existed. Years later, my brother from another mother Chris Donnelly, who played guitar in our high school hardcore band Sluggo, got to meet Midnight Star through one of his Shag gigs. He mentioned to them how we used to practice in my basement, just down the block from their house. Outta nowhere, dude was like “That punk band was you?! We heard you guys all the time!’. This made my day/month/year.

BTW this is part 2. Check the main page for part 1!

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