DJ Julian in effect intro (small professor beat)
grand puba, sadat x, & sir menelik VS dialated peoples – 7x confidence
mattic feat marina quaisse – stop look & listen
o.c. & jeru tha damaja – crooklyn dodgers (remix)
method man & a.s.a.p. nast – trillmatic
lords of the underground – what I’m after
krs one – wannabemceez
mos def (feat. q-tip & tash) – body rock
tall black guy – whenever it comes to you
frank ramz – iconic
slakah the beatchild – where’s yesterday
raekwon – a rainy day
boaz – like this
outkast – atliens (urband noize remix)
big k.r.i.t. – new agenda
busta rhymes & pharrell – move that dope (remix)
biggie smalls – victory (138 therapy remix)
ghostface killah & badbadnotgood feat. danny brown – six degrees
black moon – I gotcha opin
mr. muthafuckin exquire – I ain’t even fuck rihanna
mobb deep – g.o.d. pt III (cookin soul remix)
dj jazzy jeff feat slum village – are u ready
dr dre – the watcher
jay z & rakim – the watcher pt 2
the alkaholiks – only when I’m drunk
big daddy kane – another victory
d’angelo – spanish joint (kero one remix)
outkast – prototype (starRo bossa edit)


DJ Julian in effect intro (small professor beat) – yes, there is actually a guy that calls himself “small professor” LOL.

7x confidence – I just love Puba’s flow. Is that so wrong? I put his & sadat’s acapella from the Sir Menelik record over the dilated peoples’ instrumental. Best of both worlds n shit.

stop look & listen – Mattic is a Charlotte NC rapper that found success after moving to France and working with Wax Tailor. He’s def on some 90s throwback sound but I can dig it. I think his name means “Mental Attack Taking Tolls In Cities”. Ya heard?

crooklyn dodgers (remix) – one of the best fucking Primo beats of all time. If you hate on this, I hate on you.

trillmatic – A$AP Ty Beats flipped “The World Is A Ghetto” and it just works. And make no mistake, Meth can still spit.

what I’m after – gotta dig this shit up every now and then just becuz.

wannabemceez – always loved this track, from his 1995 KRS ONE LP. Few rappers could ever stand in his shoes in a live setting.

body rock – back when all Mos Def wanted to be was a dope MC. And he was. Q-Tip and Tash also at their respective peaks, drop verses worthy of rewinding.

whenever it comes to you – this Detroit cat can really make some beats. This is something he made for a Dilla tribute contest online.

iconic – Mr Ramz hails from the Bronx and has put out three free albums in the last 2 years.

where’s yesterday – this Toronto-based MC and producer has been putting in work for several years, putting out compilations of his stuff on BBE. I keep an ear out for his new shit on the reg.

a rainy day – gotta love the chef. Still making me smile 25 years later.

like this – a young kid from Pittsburg who’s been dropping mix tapes since 2005 or so. His flow is OK but the beat is what got me.

atliens (urban noize remix) – two brothers from Miami that do bootleg remixes and put them all over the web. This is from a 5-song EP of strictly Outkast remixes that came out in April of this year.

new agenda – I just love this dude’s flow. He’s got a bouncy poetry that just naturally rolls of his tongue. And he won’t stop talking about gripping’ grain LOL. I guess steering wheels are kind of a big thing in Mississippi.

move that dope (remix) – god DAMN the bass on this shit is no joke. Busta Rhymes, as fat as he may be in that new Toyota commercial, never fails to impress. There was 100 bootleg remixes of this song but these two had the best verses for me.

victory (138 therapy remix) – this Goodie Mob beat is fucking timeless. I through in a few snippets from an early Fab Five interview with Biggie just for shits n giggles.

six degrees – two great MCs over a funky instrumental from Toronto’s badbadnotgood. It’s bad. Bad meaning bad. Not bad meaning good. There it is.

I gotcha opin – I played this song 1000 times in clubs back in those days. Never failed to fill the floor and get the crowd singing along “BAY-BAY”.

I ain’t even fuck rihanna – the Crown Heights kid spins an angry tale about getting signed to Universal and then summarily dropped – all in one song. He’s been struggling with navigating the industry ever since he blew up Youtbube with “Huzzah” about 3 years back.

g.o.d. pt III (cookin soul remix) – a nice flip of Donald Byrd’s “Think Twice” from these two Madrid DJs, Big Size & Zock.

are u ready – some classic Dilla from the 2002 BBE “Magnificent” EP

the watcher - I love this beat so fucking much. instant head nodder. And I don’t care that Eminem wrote Dre’s rhymes. It’s just dope.

the watcher pt 2 – Jigga did his own version and it ain’t half bad, especially since he put Rakim on.

only when I’m drunk – it’s easy to forget the alcoholics, but they knew how to make silly party jams that sounded good in a club.

another victory – this is Kane at his peak if you ask me. One of the greatest to ever spit.

spanish joint (kero one remix) – keri one is a Korean kid from SF who DJs and puts up bootleg remixes from time to time. He funded his 4th album, 2012’s “Color Theory” completely thru kickstarter. Smart kid.

prototype (starRo bossa edit) – another west coast kid, Shinya Mizoguchi, playing guitar, keyboards, and making beats for the interwebz. This remix has a sonic lushness that you don’t often find. Put your headphones on.

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