gogo penguin – the letter
robert glasper – the chant
resonators – motion
evil needle – mood music
william adamson – burial blues revenge
led zeppelin – ten years gone
mark ski – playdioh beat
the dining rooms – maria
radiohead – you and whose army?
maryssa karaa – white rabbit
royal crown of sweden – soft things
huw – reflex
el michaels affair – C.R.E.A.M.
dot – it’s a sine
submerse – melonkoly



The Letter – GoGo Penguin are a 3-piece from Manchester who claim to play “acoustic electronica”. They recently signed to Blue Note in France, but this is from their last album on Gondwana Records.

The Chant – I saw Robert Glasper last year at Le Poisson Rouge with his Jazz youngblood supergroup “Our Point of View”, which included trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, guitarist Lionel Loueke, saxophonist Marcus Strickland, bassist Derrick Hodge and drummer Kendrick Scott. It was wonderful. These cats are really forging a whole new era in this thing we call Jazz. This is just a taste. Props to Keith “Kayo” Overton’s Spotify mix for turning me on to this.

Motion – This simple dub track is under a minute long so I stretched it out just a few more seconds. These guys are a full 9-piece band from Brighton, and have gotten the attention of Don Gorgons like David Rodigan. This is from their 2012 LP “The Constant” on WahWah45s.

Mood Music – This kid often delves into Hip Hop beats, but this track is on some straight up Roy Ayers/Gil Scott smooth groove, and I’m not the least bit mad. Evil Needle is a beat junkie and composer from Strasbourg, France. You can cop the entire album HERE

Burial Blues Revenge – A lush instrumental dub from William Adamson’s “Under an East Coast Moon” LP on Giles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings label. As far as eclectic selectors go, Giles is one of my all time heroes. His label and his compilations especially are a testament to his amazing ear for great music. This is no exception. The album is much more Tom Waits or Nick Cave than it is King Tubby, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Ten Years Gone – Every now and then I’ll just get a random Zeppelin song stuck in my head. Usually from one of the albums I didn’t really wear out in high school or college. This has been buzzing around for months now, so here we are.

Playdioh Beat – This is just one beat from Northampton UK turntablist and radio host Mark Ski’s 30 minute opus of unreleased tracks that he put out for free on Soundcloud in April of this year. It’s chock full of beats. And it’s FREE dammit!

Maria – An old trip hop track from these Milan maestros, from their 2001 “Numero Deux” LP. It samples a snippet of this weird crate digger psych track from the Parisian 3-piece Head West, which was fronted by guitarist Bob Welch, who became a founding member of Fleetwood Mac.

You And Whose Army – Kind of like the Zeppelin I mentioned above, this song has been swimming around my brain for some time now. From their 2001 “Amnesiac” LP, which was recorded at the same sessions that produced Kid A. Thom Yorke once described the album as being an explanation of Kid A. Good luck with that.

White Rabbit – I DJ’d an absurdly sloppy mushroom tea party in Brooklyn last fall. For the occasion I dug up every cover of “White Rabbit” I could find. This Arabic recording was made specifically for the “American Hustle” soundtrack in 2014, because David O Russell thought the original was from the wrong era for the film, and Danny Elfman refused to do his own cinematic version of it. Not too shabby.

Soft Things – a hypnotic down-tempo house number from Royal Crown of Sweden aka Brian Leeds, a Kansas City DJ and producer recently transplanted to Brooklyn. He also records under the name Huerco S.

Reflex – Huw are Aaron and Mike Dolton, two brothers and musicians from the North Midlands in the UK who make cinematic electronica. This is from their 2013 debut LP Anamorphic

C.R.E.A.M. – More dope retro replaying sounds from Brooklyn, courtesy of The El Michaels Affair, who (to my ears) have really been carrying a torch for Isaac Hayes era late 60s/early 70s funk soundtracks. Somebody’s gotta do it.

It’s a Sine – Dot is Kate Ellwanger, a West Coast producer, DJ, and founder of Unspeakable Records – an all-female record label making dreamy electronica beats like this one (amongst other joints). They also put out fucking cassette tapes! Check out the label’s first compilation HERE

Melonkoly – One last schmooved out track, this time from 20-something British beat maker Submerse, who is down with the Berlin label Project Mooncircle. In addition to downtempo Hip Hop stuff like this, as of late he’s been dabbling in 160bpm footwork tracks like THIS

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