soaka – down boy
atu – way I feel
disrupt – bauhelm (dub)
willie lindo – midnight
club des belugas & thomas siffling – this little life of mine (feat veronica harcsa)
boozoo bajou – yma
goapele – play (substratum remix)
guts – what is love
kollektiv turmstrasse – holunderbaum (rumpelmix)
deft – clotting
soaka – circa
afternoons in stereo – sui generis
janet jackson – would you mind
bonobo – jets
krisz deak – perplexed intellect
brickman – time is now
stereociti – expanses


down boy – some moody bass from Wales. Came out on around October of 2012. For some reason a bunch of bass producers started sampling Brandy acapellas all of a sudden. Go figure.

the way I feel – 20 year old kid from Malawi by way of Ann Arbor Michigan. Seems to be making some new kind of bass music very beholden to 90s R&B. Some of his drum patterns are straight Timbaland. His moody shit is very James Blake. He needs to get with Maxwell or something and conjure up some baby making beats. This came out in march 2013 and you can get it HERE

bauhelm (dub) – This is Leipzig based producer and DJ Jan Gleichmar, who has his own reggae label, awesomely named “Jahtari”. He makes glitchy dub music that sounds weird and German. He calls it digital laptop reggae.

midnight – a very funky instrumental cover from 1978 of Love Unlimited Orchestra’s MIDNIGHT & YOU from Jamaican legend Willie Lindo, who played guitar for everybody in JA and is responsible for, among other gems, Beres Hammond’s “What One Dance Can Do”.

this little life of mine (feat veronica harcsa) – some smokey German Nujazz, with Hungarian vocalist Veronica Harscsa. Those never-ending “chillout” compilations are often pretty lame, but these guys seem to usually provide the standout cut, due to their musicianship.

yma – I’ve been following these German cats for years now. Always moody and mellow with the right hint of dub. This was the opening track from their first album in 2001. They’re like the slightly more dubified AIR or something.

play (substratum remix) – A remix from Goapele’s 2011 “Break Of Dawn” LP. She seems long overdue for a new joint if ya ask me. Remix is by an LA cat named Josh One, who owns the Boomnote Music label.

what is love – a short n sweet hip hop beat over the spoken word intro from Tom Clay’s 1971 cover of BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER, that you’ll recognize from Dee Lite, among others.

holunderbaum (rumpelmix) – It’s not until I get to typing up these mixtape liner notes that I realize just how much music I get from Germany these days. Christian Hilscher & Nico Plagemann are from Hamburg and they make cool left-field tracks that are always on some other shit.

clotting – this shit sounds like bass-heavy Vangelis to me. Deft is from Dubstep’s hometown, Croydon. Came out in the summer of 2012 on the eclectic London label Wotnot.

circa – more mellow moodiness from the other side of the pond. Came out this past summer. Take two and pass.

sui generis – sleepy soft brush on a snare from Hamilton, Ontario. I’m going skiing in Canada on Friday WooHOO!

would you mind – the track that was pulled from Janet’s 2001 “All For You” LP after it was banned in Singapore. Imagine, if you will, being this fucking dude.

jets – From the 2013 “Northern Borders” LP on Ninjatune, of course. Bonobo is Simon Green, who came up in the 90s under the guidance of Rob Luis, a DJ/promoter/producer from Brighton.

perplexed intellect – As slow and mellow as these downtempo mixes get, I usually like to end with some dubby minimal techno. Came out in 2013 on the Italian label Deepindub.

time is now – you hear a lot of this kind of shit at 9am parties at Burning Man. Not for primetime, but it works for the wind-down.

expanses – reminds me a lot of Vince Watson. Stereociti is Kawasaki-based DJ and producer Ken Sumitani. This came out in 2013 on the Berlin label Mojuba.



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