From time to time, I rotate the records that sit on display on my record shelves at home. Some are permanent, like the O.G. copy of “Love Supreme”, but most rotate in and out. I recently dug out this copy of Quincy Jones’ 1969 classic “Walking In Space” LP on CTI Records, signed by Quincy himself. It reads:

To Julian,
Keep rockin’ bro
Quincy Jones

I managed to score this when I was DJing Quincy’s birthday party back in about 1995. The event was held at a big theater on 44th street. Brandy and a bunch of other R&B cats from Quincy’s record label performed for him. I played Quincy tunes all night long, digging deep in the crates for a lot of his older, pure Jazz stuff. When I was finally introduced to the maestro, he looked up at me and said

“maaaan, I haven’t heard some of those tunes for 20 years!”.

He was mad cool and graciously signed my copy of “Walking In Space”. I was appropriately awestruck.

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