something for the people VS edgewoode – my love is the shhh (138 blend)
kendrick lamar VS dark sky – swimming pools (138 blend)
cashmere cat – mirror maru
watch the duck – poppin’ off in atlanta
pier pier VS big boi – mami told me (138 blend)
plezer – wild
sissy – so long (kahuun remix)
romare – your love (you give me fever)
ab-soul feat danny brown & jhene aikido – terrorist threats
krueger – this is sick
driicky graham – snapbacks and tattoos
missy elliot VS big chocolate – triple threat (138 blend)
tnght – easy easy
outkast – spottie ottie (trapaliscious huglife remix)
pharaohe month – simon says (filthy disco remix)
muramasa – paris
bebo best – modal jazz


my love is the shhh (138 blend) – threw the 90s acapella over some new trappy beats and it came out kinda epic.

swimming pools (138 blend) – I loves me some kendrick lamar

mirror maru – a really nice mix of trap music and kate bush sounding strings and beautiful piano and a squeaky dog toy and god knows what. Sounds new to me.

poppin’ off in atlanta – I posted this on the page last year. In Atlanta they call this Trapstep. If you want to support black folks doing some new shit outside of the box, buy this record.

mami told me (138 blend) – Outkast vocals are kinda made for this tempo so in they went. Beat was made for a car. No lie. Came out a few months ago.

wild – some minimalist bass from the Brownswood label. Came out in 2012.

so long (kahuun remix) – a recent remix of a song that came out around 2006. This version shits on the original. I like that people can make dustup influenced shit that sounds like this.

your love (you give me fever) – this is one of the coolest songs I’ve heard in years. Ella vocals. Half time. double time. And those damn synths.

terrorist threats – I like to put in some bassy hip hop in these mixes, maybe just to remind people that, like it or not, the subwoofer connects us all.

this is sick – this is about as mainstream trap a sound as I can stand. The trance synths usually bother me but it works here.

snapbacks and tattoos – as much as I tried I could not get this hook out of my head. It had to go on a mixtape. i had no choice.

triple threat (138 blend) – holy shit does this shit make me break my neck. The Big Chocolate beat came out late last year. Got remixed a billion times in some competition, but I like the original.

easy easy – I love the fact that something as weird as this is considered music. From September of last year.

spottie ottie (trapaliscious huglife remix) – A great song that never needed a remix but this one fit right in on this mixtape so BOOM there it goes.

simon says (filthy disco remix) – Years ago I saw him perform Simon Says at Club Cheetah for the record release and the crowd was so hyped he damn near started a riot. I’m glad to hear kids bringing it back.

paris – I heard this track and felt like they were biting Pharaohe Monch a bit so BOOM here it is. Came out a few months back.

modal jazz – Some straight up Italian jazz, but the tempo was a perfect match so it had to go in.

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