rainer trueby – welcome to our world
damien lazarus & the ancient moons – vermillion (&ME remix)
jill scott – love rain (detroit swindle seasonal redux)
edit murphy – maybe one day we can be friends
rick wade – the purveyor of deep tones
st germain – sittin’ here
mathias kaden – wisdoms
atjazz – enchantment
driller – boogie step
josh milan – in church
yotam avni – this is how
le k – abraz
marcos cabral – special spiral
martin buttrich – lazy bastard
st germain – real blues



Welcome To Our WorldRainer Truby is a Stuttgart native best known in the Nu Jazz scene as a founding member of the Truby Trio with Christian Pommer and Roland Appel, back in 1999. Since then he’s put out a host of great tracks on the Compost label that always mix live instrumentation with the digital side of things.

Vermillion (&ME remix) – A nice, left-field vocal track from London-born, Ibiza-veteran Damien Lazarus – best known as the founder of the eclectic house label Crosstown Rebels. He also seems to be one of those oddball guru types that flock to Burning Man every year to collect more drugged-up acolytes. The remix came out in August, from Berlin DJ &ME, who has been making a lot of noise as of late.

Love Rain (Detroit swindle seasonal redux) – I put a downtempo remix of this very same song on my recent SOUL SPECTRUM mix. But this uptempo version was nice enough to warrant another appearance.

Maybe One Day We Can Be Friends – In the very crowded disco edit scene, the name Edit Murphy is so stupidly hilarious to me, I am actually jealous he came up with it first. In true old school edit fashion, this dude keeps his true identity hidden, which I can respect on GP. So far I’ve turned up his hometown being either SF, Chicago, or Geneva. Well done, sir. Check out his Soundcloud for more jams

The Purveyor of Deep Tones – This moody groover came out in 2011 and has been popping up in my headphone shuffle more and more. Rick Wade is a Detroit vet who started putting out house tracks on his own label Harmonie Park in 1993, while doubling as a booty bass / ghetto tech producer via the Bass Force label. His DJ sets are a solid Detroit experience you should hear live.

Sittin’ Here – My boy Matty Matt texted me this track at 1pm on a Sunday, live and direct from the new Shelter. Apparently Timmy was giving it a real work out – and it does indeed sound tailor made for the NY Shelter crowd. Even better news, St Germain (aka Ludovic Navarre) is back with a new album and it’s so good I put two songs on this mix. You can peep it HERE.

Wisdoms – Man, I love tracks like these. Starts out kinda tribal and techy, then gets almost B-Boy on us, then somersaults into a classic piano house anthem. Mathias Kaden is a young buck from Jena in the South of Germany. He holds down a residency at Club Muna and plays all over Europe.

Enchantment – There’s a lot of throwaway Jazzy house out there, but Atjazz (aka Martin Iverson) has a better feel for it than most. Track for track, he’s one of the most consistent producers in the game. He put this on 2015’s “Beats & Bobs Vol 5” – which is Karizma’s EP series on R2 records.

Boogie Step – Speaking of Jazzy house, this seemed like a good follow up track to the Atjazz joint. This came out in 2013 on the Munich ambient/chillout label Bloodsugar.

In Church – Oh snap! Blaze O.G. Josh Milan channels his inner Herbie Hancock and really delivers a seriously funky track very unlike anything he’s done in years. Please keep doing this, man. Wednesdays at Cielo needs more bounce like this!

This Is How – This sounds like Peven Everett finally got his copy of Ame’s “Rej” in the mail and improvised a track. Yotam Avni is a punk ass kid from Tel Aviv who has been putting his foot in tracks with cats like Osunlade and Jovonn since he was in his early 20s, so yeah, I’m hatin’.

Abraz – The Frenchman known simply as Le K (a Kafka nod, perhaps) is a techno producer and musician from Perpignan, the capital of the Pyrenees region. I found this on the very eclectic, Brandt Brauer Frick edition of the DJ Kicks compilation series. Most of these are pretty good, and there’s always gems if you dig. I threw the classic Brooklyn acapella from Basil’s 1991 “Black Man” on Nu Groove just to give these weird start/stop beats a little structure.

Special Spiral – NYC techno/house vet Marcos Cabral track does a pretty good job of resurrecting a particular Strictly Rhythm type sound. The kind of records we would all buy weekly at Vinylmania back in 1991. Part of me wishes producers would move on and create something new, but you could pick a worse era of dance music to fixate on, I suppose LOL.

Lazy Bastard – Berlin native Martin Buttrich really knows how to craft this type of minimal tech house. Nothing too complicated, just a straight ahead beat and some subtle bleeps and blips bubbling up here and there. This came out 10 years ago on Poker Flat, a label known for exactly this type of shit.

Real Blues – one more for the road from gorgeous track from St Germain’s new album. A nice soulful way to bring down the energy and ride out the mix. Thanks for listening.

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