Ricki Lee Jones – Up From The Skies
William Burroughs – Readings from “Junkie”
Led Zeppelin – Bring It On Home (moltov bootleg)
Grandmagneto – Tainted Love (7inch version)
The Kutimangoes – Song For Fela
Funkadelic – Cosmic Sloppy (Moodymann interpretation)
Lashun Pace – It’s Me Lord
Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word (7 Samurai electro dub)
Q – The Voice of Q
Modeselektor – I’m Not Into Twerk, I’m Into Kraftwerk
Dokta Venom – Only U
Daniele Baldelli – Fontainebleau (version idjut)
Isaac Hayes – Pursuit of The Pimpmobile (invert edit)
Quarion – Falling Down
Kyodai – Sound of the Falls
Fela – Roforofo Fight (Mr Mendel edit)
Jimi Hendrix – Up From The Skies


Up From The Skies – seemingly out of nowhere, this Hendrix song was stuck in my head for 3 weeks. When I went looking for a live recording of Jimi, I discovered this cover by the 70s poster girl for sexy overbites. Or was that Joni Mitchell? They could have been sisters, no?

Burroughs Reading from “Junkie” – If you’re gonna make a mix for driving in the desert, be sure to include Mr Burroughs telling a good drug story.

Bring It On Home (moltov bootleg) – Moltov is a DJ from Copenhagen who does tons of edits and bootlegs and they are all over the interwebz for free. Check him out.

Tainted Love (7inch version) – acoustic reggae cover of Mrs. Gloria Jones. The push and pull vocal staggerings take a second to get used to, but then all of a sudden it’s great.

Song For Fela – kind of like the 2nd wave of ska in the 80s, Afrobeat now continues to thrive through clusters of nerdy white jazz students all over the world. in this case, Copenhagen. I ain’t mad. Anything that will point people back to Fela is a great service to humanity.

Sloppy Cosmic (Moodymann interpretation) – Greg Turner turned me on to this beautiful 12 minute remix. I guess being the other weirdest guy in Detroit gets you access to the Cosmic Slop master tapes. I edited it down to 7 or 8 minutes just to keep shit moving.

It’s Me Lord – yes, more gospel. No band. Just the choir and Mrs. Pace letting the spirit flow through.

Stand On The Word (7 Samurai electro dub) – an electro dub of the Celestial Choir? Well I’ll be damned. 7 Samurai are Marc Frank and Tom Wieland from Austria, who are responsible for labels like GAMM records, among many others.

The Voice of Q – nothing else quite sounds like this moment in electro history. You can hear the blueprint coming together for the next decade or so of club music.

I’m Not Into Twerk, I’m Into Kraftwerk – Berlin techno that gets my head nodding like DAMN. And you gotta love the title.

Only U – this is Daniel Maunick, the son of Incognito’s founder and guitarist Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick. He’s been producing records since he was 15. This is some smoothed out Mr Fingers type shit.

Fontainebleau (version idjut) – one thing is clear about the Idjut Boys, they “get” dub. They must smoke the right amount of weed or something. They just get it. And you know it when you hear it.

Pursuit of The Pimpmobile (invert edit) – I inverted the two parts of the song cuz I wanted to mix in using the right-channel-only congas from the breakdown. This song is a fucking disco masterpiece.

Falling Down – this is the alter ego of Swiss DJ Laneq, who currently resides in Berlin, where half of the world’s great club music is made these days.

Sound of the Falls – ooh damn the bassline in this shit just gets me amped. From Berlin, again, where deep house is still deep, and not just another word for sleepy.

Roforofo Fight (Mr Mendel edit) – a respectful edit of Mr Kuti. Has a bit more punch when you play it on a system.

Up From The Skies – couldn’t play the cover without the original. I have been here before, in days of i-i-ice. Damn straight.

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