The good folks at ABC once again returned to Leroy & Clarkson for Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars. We created the show open, two different promotional spots prior to the premiere, and the entire show package. You better believe that everything with DWTS is blinded out to the extreme, so I became very well versed in the gratuitous use of sparkles, lens flares, and gerbs. Yes, GERBS (pronounced like “gerbil”). A theater term for those sparkly little sparks that emanate from a welding gun. Now you know.

This was probably the most complex show package I have ever worked on. There were hundreds of deliverables, with multiple versions of everything for the show’s different specials and highlights and god knows what.

We did a week of live action shooting in Los Angeles with the cast of the show. This took place at the beautiful Orpheum Theater downtown. We also created a 3D model of the Orpheum, for shots we didn’t have time to shoot, like the outdoor marquee, and all of the promotional stuff that needed to be on air prior to the shoot with the cast. L+C’s founder , ECD, and my 10th grade school skipping partner in crime Daniel Fries was in the director’s chair.

Erin Kilkenny was the lead designer on the L+C side for the look and feel. Myself and Yuki Nakajima filled in the gaps. We had a giant animation & editing team working around the clock for months to get it all done: Yuki Nakajima, John Magbanua, AJ Kolb, Ronn Iam, Tom Lynch, Alex Gasowski, Chris Harmon, Jared Williams, Ray Lee, editor Corey Weisz, TD wizard Jon Smith, and last but not least my producer Rosanne Raposo, who miraculously juggled our 15 different clients and kept this behemoth on the road and on schedule for the duration.

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