I did this at Stardust NY. It was one of the most complex CG jobs I ever worked on. None of it would have gotten finished without the contributions of these people: Alan Bibby (director and master of all time/space/dimension), Greg Anderson, Andrew Borin, Tae Kim, Aaron Mauer, Neil Tsai, Jonathan Wu, Glenn Urieta, Keith McCabe, Tom Cushwa, Scott Denton, Atsuki Hirose, Weichieh Yu, Christian Day, Lee Wolland, Carmine Laietta, Christian Day, Anton Tokar, Miles Southan, Scott Hubbard, Pat Porter, Miles Southan, Robin Roepstorff, Eric Concepcion, Mirelle Underwood, Forbes Hill, Mitch Deoudes, Ryan O’Phelan, Tonya Smay, Eric Bauer, and Chris Lohouse. We all wanted an extra month to sweeten it but, as they say, tiempo es dinero.

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