In 2012, longtime client and collaborator DirecTV threw an interesting challenge in our lap. They needed a 2-pronged creative campaign to solve the delicate task of promoting their adult channels – one to promote the ease at which you can block those channels from your kids, and the second to remind viewers that the details of such purchases would not show up on their cable bill. Both needed to tactfully dance around the salacious content of their On Demand channels, yet still make viewers very much aware of their existence.

For the discreet billing spot, we focused on a sexy ingénue, rolling around in a baroque boudoir, only to be suddenly whisked away by a discreet team of cleaners, who erase any trace of her living room performance. I wrote a sexy script and dropped the needle on some Henry Mancini and the clothes came (almost) off.

Daniel Fries – director
Me – creative director / writer
Corey Weisz – editor

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