One of my favorite freelance gigs this past summer was working with my good friends at Gretel to develop a global tagline for Netflix. Established in 1997, Netflix has defied all doubters and become the planet’s leading streaming media service, serving over 65 million users and infiltrating the nightmares of cable network executives around the world. Gretel has been working closely with them for the last year, helping to shape the brand and design an incredibly flexible and functional identity system that ripples out into almost every permutation, both internally and externally.

The final piece of the puzzle was something completely new for Netflix: a global tagline. They had never had one, nor were they sure they even wanted one, but expanding into so many new global markets created the need for the brand to present a unified front to the world. They needed a single tagline that could easily translate into any language and say as much as possible about who they are and what they offer in as few words as possible.

When Gretel brought me in and I saw the creative brief that had been sent to Gretel and several large branding agencies, I was thrilled to see my “Fearless” tagline for FX (created at Leroy + Clarkson) mentioned alongside “Just Do It” and “Think Different” as the three most significant examples of a great tagline for a global brand.

We worked together as team for weeks, throwing hundreds of taglines up against the wall to see what would stick.

When the pitch day arrived, we presented a handful of solutions. Each had their own merit, but it was evident very quickly that “See What’s Next” was the clear favorite. I’ll let Gretel’s fancy GIF below spell out why we think it works.


Do yourself a favor and check out Gretel’s entire case study. It’s really, really impressive, and I am honored to have played a small part. Big ups to head honchos Greg Hahn & Ryan Moore, and fellow brains-for-hire Kyle Baron Cohen and Anita Olan.


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  1. by Angela on August 16, 2018  6:28 pm Reply

    Hello there!
    What year did Netflix start using the "See What's Next" tagline? Do you possibly have an article link that you can point me towards?

    Thank you!

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