This was a pitch we did to rebrand the Fuse Network. We did not win the job, but I am really proud of how the work turned out.

In short, we proposed turning the Fuse Network into a living, breathing, reactive, entertainment portal that would be constantly interacting with their audience via second screens and social media. Users would play an active role in generating playlists, programming videos, influencing content, and driving the entire channel. A Reddit-like voting system would make sure the voice of the consumer was always heard – making Fuse the most forward-thinking next-level badass network on the planet. Our proposed new tagline was BEST.MUSIC.EVER, and that language system could be repurposed for just about anything: BEST.PLAYLIST.EVER. BEST.CONCERT.EVER. etc. An idea ahead of its time. I’m sure of it.

Sarah Cohen was my lead designer on this, and she kicked ass. Chris Harmon was lead animator. In addition to creative directing & concepting, I did the music and the edit.

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