madd wikkid – around the world
robin thick feat pharrell – blurred lines (m rock bangin disco edit)
afrik bawantu – noko hewon
van morrison – i’ve been working (live nick faber edit)
stevie wonder – i wish (reflex remix)
hubbabubbalubb – mopedbart
disjokke – staying in
azymuth – a mulher (ashley beedle afrikan on marz remix)
mike steva – new beginning
gill scott heron – the klan (jad edit)
jeri jeri feat mbene diatta seck & khadim mboup – bamba
357 – the sundance kid & butch cassidy
dj ermi – the
liquid liquid – optimo (jmj edit)
yambee – blacker (joey negro remix)


around the world – I think the Hot 8 Brass Band popularized doing New Orleans covers of club tracks. And I thank them for it. Makes me want to DJ at a Bedford Hill’s Joint, just to see Montana pick up an umbrella.

blurred lines (m rock bangin disco edit) – I tried to not like this song. Really, I did. Yet if you hear it in a club with girls dancing around you, you can’t fight it. Cop this edit HERE

nook hewon –  modern Highlife music from Ghana that came out on 10″ in February

i’ve been working (live nick faber edit) – discovering an awesome van Morrison song after all this time is like popping your ears for the first time in 20 years. the world is shiny and new again. From the INCREDIBLE 1974 live album “It’s Too Late To Stop Now”

i wish (reflex remix) – I usually shun remixes of classic songs I love but this shit is undeniably good. All of this cat’s remixes are fucking tight.

mopedbart – weird Norwegian disco that came out in February of this year. Sounds a bit like Chaz Jankel to me.

staying in – just some weird Kraftwerk sounding shit

a mulher (ashley beedle afrikan on marz remix) – what can you say about ashley beadle? the dude knows how to make remixes.

new beginning - the A side of this solid Yoruba 12″ from an Australian DJ. Came out in March of this year

the klan (jad edit) – one of those Gil tracks I kind of forget about for a few years and then hear it again and think “damn, why don’t I ever play that?”

bamba – Berlin dance music pioneer Mark Ernestus gathered a bunch of Senegalese musicians and made some dubby shit.

the sundance kid & butch cassidy – WTF is this? Drum n bass? Broken beat? I have no idea. But I love it. You’ll recognize the vocals, which kinda work for some weird reason.

the – jazzy. fast, hype shit from Naples veteran DJ Ermi. Came out in March.

optimo (jmj edit) – a JMJ edit I didn’t rip from youtube.

blacker (joey negro remix) – The Walter Murphy break sampled by Moodymann for “Black Mohogoni”?

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