LCD sound system – dance yrself clean
laura mvula – green garden
chic – open up
dj kaos & loud tone – buffalo dub
ac/dc – squealer (gazeebo remix)
justin martin – riding spaceships (ardalan lisa in the sky remix)
bev lee harling – why don’t you do right (suonho remix)
pomo – work it out
the tuneyards – bizness
eddie roberts – 24000 baci
marvin gaye – I heard it through the grapevine
phil weeks – live at the palladium
grant green – let the music take your mind (muro remix)
todd rundgren – i saw the light
velvet underground – rock and roll (gigamesh remix)
bibio sound machine – let’s dance
henri-pierre noel – a fifth of beethoven (the reflex re-vision)
esp – it’s you
fcl – it’s you (san sodas panorama bar acapella)


dance yrself clean – another catchy tune from the now defunct NY weirdos. Saw them at Randall’s Island once and it was the best live house music experience I ever had.

green garden – props to Ngeso for turning me on to this chick. Love this song and the whole album is pretty solid.

open up – all this Daft Punk business had me aching for the real thing. Threw a little Pharrell vocal refrain on top just to spell it out for people who can’t make the connection on their own.

buffalo dub – another couple of millennials doing their damnedest to re-create Chicago in 1988. Not bad. Not bad…

squealer (gazeebo remix) – gazeebo is Jon Nedza, a NJ-born DJ who started playing in the early 90s. His Gazeebo label is quite popular with the nu disco edit crowd. He beefed up this AC/DC track and edited out the chorus. Simple and clean.

riding spaceships (ardalan lisa in the sky remix) – I always buy this dude’s shit, if for nothing else, than the sonic clarity of his productions. I feel like he must own a really great pair of studio monitors.

why don’t you do right (suonho remix) – a classy. slightly housed-up version of the Della Reese interpretation of this Jazz standard. Came out earlier this year on 7” on the Wah Wah 45 label.

work it out – this beat has a funky stop/start quality that I can’t quite put into words. Maybe it’s some kind of compression that creates this push/pull. Whatever. Makes my head nod.

bizness – Somebody posted this on DHP last year and it’s been kicking around my headphones ever since. Thanks for that. They have a new LP out but I have yet to hear it.

24000 baci – a British guitarist originally from my ancestral home of Wales LOL. This has a weird, almost Peruvian Chicha sound, yet could also be some kind of Italian mambo from the 60s. Dunno. Either way, I dig it.

I heard it through the grapevine  - I tried to beef this up a bit by sampling the original drums and looping them. Very subtle but it works for me.

live at the palladium – Hey it’s that Marvin sample from “Shades of Jae”, but without Moodymann’s forced lo-fi sensibility and dense layering. Nice & simple and groovy.

let the music take your mind (muro remix) – O.G. Tokyo DJ Muro loops up Grant Green and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t sound like an out take from Kool & The Gang’s “Live at the Sex Machine”.

i saw the light – Always loved the drum sound on this record. One of the unsung heroes of the 70s.

rock and roll (gigamesh remix) – I was just about to sit down and re-edit this song with some thicker drums when i figured I would look online to see if it had already been done. lo & behold!

let’s dance – a London based band fronted by Nigerian-born vocalist Eno Williams. Highlife meets funk and disco. Made for dancefloors for realz.

a fifth of beethoven (the reflex re-vision) – yeah this song was always cheesy but listen to this new piano-heavy recording and tell me this shit ain’t funky.

it’s you – as much as people try to emulate this sound, they’ll never quite get it. Stormqueen got pretty close, but you can’t fuck with the real thing.

it’s you (san sodas panorama bar acapella) – I always liked this cover. Was a big beatport hit a couple years back I guess.

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