consciousness of the context intro
lallan – jazz boutique
nostalgia 77 – sleepwalker
janelle monae feat Prince – give em what they love
sergio mendes & brazil 66 – for what’s it’s worth
skeewiff & syd dale – break beat bubble bath
outkast – so fresh so clean
international ducks – the green cow
shy fx feat lima bailey – soon come
sia – breathe (four tet remix)
omar – it’s so
kerri chandler – rain (atjazz remix)
pledge – same old story (clueless remix)
aretha franklin – say a little prayer (dimitri from paris edit)
pitto feat leonie muller – where my soul is now
lemongrass – jazz bandits
kaleta – thank god we are africans
st files – eric bristow
brand nubian – who can get busy like this man
mop mop feat fred wesley & anthony joseph – run around



jazz boutique – this mix starts out mellow and then slowly picks up speed. Give it some time LOL.

sleepwalker – nostalgia 77 is mostly Ben Lamdin. He’s been on my radar for a bit but I never quite got on board until I heard this reggae cover of White Stripes’ SEVEN NATION ARMY. last year or so.

give em what they love – I really wanted to get in to Janelle Monae’s latest album but this is the only cut that immediately stood out to me. Maybe I need to give it another listen.

for what’s it’s worth – always loved the Buffalo Springfield original and this cover is fucking DOPE.

break beat bubble bath – a beefed-up drums version of Syd Dale’s 1975 library breakbeat track LET ME TAKE YOU THERE.

so fresh so clean – never got sick of this record. Only recently did I dig up the original, Joe Sample’s “Before The Night Is Over”.

the green cow – this is the brainchild of Berlin Saxaphonist Johannes Schleiermacher, who played in the 90s funk band The Poets Of Rhythm.

soon come – one of the catchiest modern reggae joints in some time. Too bad shit like this never charts in the U.S. anymore. You may remember Shy FX from shit like THIS LOL.

breathe (four tet remix) – when she’s not on tour, sia lives in the apartment directly above my office. Nice girl, but the baby talk thing really freaks me out.

it’s so – I’ve been an Omar fan since “There’s Nothing Like This”. This is some real jump up type shit. Gets your party jumpin’.

rain (atjazz remix) – rarely do I think anybody should fuck with anything kerri ever put on wax, but this jazzy number is respectful and takes it to another place altogether. Dope.

same old story (clueless remix) – it seems people like to call this music “future garage” LOL. Sounds like house with a creative bouncey drum pattern to me. Came out in 2013 on garage-centric L2S Records out of the UK (where else?).

say a little prayer (dimitri from paris edit) – I rarely find a Dimitri edit I don’t like. This is no exception.

pitto feat leonie muller – where my soul is now – beautiful, easy-on-the-ears house cut from Dutch DJ/Producer Pitto. Leonie Muller is a singer and visual artist from Alkmaar, which is about 45 min northwest of Amsterdam, as the kraai flies.

jazz bandits – lemongrass is German born musician and DJ Roland Voss, whose been in various groups since the mid 80s, and making downtempo grooves since the late 90s.

thank god we are africans – some straight up afrobeat from Fela’s former guitarist. He even oared with King Sunny Ade too.

eric bristow – some cool ass drum n bass . Came out in 2013 on Exit records, who consistently put out dope DnB.

who can get busy like this man – still the fucking jam. woy-oh-eeeeeeeeeee…

run around – fred wesley still doing it to death after all these years. This whole Mop Mop LP ISLE OF MAGIC is worth peeping.


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